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Staff policy

Principles and goals

Staff policy refers to the principles, according to which the staff policy is implimented at Juvenes Oy. Our values, quality, know how and responsibility, strongly guide our principles. Our goal is to be The Loyal Partner for our customer.


ur leadership is responsible and follows our Juvenes values. The managers are in a key position in implimenting our staff policy and developing the know how of our staff. The managers ensure on their part that the company’s strategy is executed and that the staff is aware of the goals, expectations and tasks related to their jobs. Management skills are evaluated for instance through an annual staff satisfaction poll. When dealing with staff related affairs, legislation, collective labor agreements, work safety and health codes and other obligations are complied with equality and fairness. When managing and developing personnel issues, the staff is heard.

We bear responsibility for our work force

Juvenes takes care of staff well being by offering services and perks that maintain and develop working ability. Juvenes managers are responsible for following the staff policy and staff resources according to the management system and culture of the Juvenes Way.

Recruitement and career path

When recruiting, we prioritise internal recruitment according to the company’s career planning. The goal is to employ the best suited person for the job following the plan for equality and parity.

Know how and development

Juvenes organizes internal and external training, as well as training organized by partners, in order to develop know how. The goal is to have committed and motivated employees. An important goal is, that working for Juvenes is experienced as valuable for the professional development of the employees. Work rotation is a part of the development process, where the goal is a competent and versatile personnel.

Rewarding and encouraging the staff

The goal of rewarding is to encourage good performance and motivating staff to persistent work to achieving goals.

Salary is determined by the difficulty of the task and the performance of the employee. Productivity, professional ability, versatility, willingness to evolve, initiative and collaboration skills are factored in, when evaluating individual perfomance.
Juvenes Oy has a perfomance pay system that covers the entire personnel, of which the terms are approved annually by the company board.

Work well-being

An essential part of our staff policy, are actions that maintain working ability, which includes versatile actions for improving and enhancing the working and functioning abilities of every individual in all stages of their worklife. Our work atmosphere in Juvenes is based on an encouraging and open interaction. The entire staff is responsible for a good work community and developing and maintaining a good atmosphere at work. Juvenes is a work community, where employees treat each other equally and fairly.

Open communication

Issues that concern the business and staff, are communicated with purpose, honesty and in a timely manner.

To communicate adequate, work related information is everyone’s responsibility and personnel is encouraged to open, conversational and respectful communication.

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