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Work at Juvenes

Juvenes the employer

Our amazing staff, is the corner stone and foundation for our operation. The values of Juvenes, quality, know how and responsibility, are strongly present in how we funtion as an employer. We take care of our people and develop our skills. At Juvenes we offer excellent advancement opportunities and you can fulfill your career path.​

We are searching for motivated employees to join our team and cheerful and supportive coworkers! The attitude matters!​ Find open positions or send an application here!​

Juvenes Oy has been chosen
Employer of the year 2019!

A peek into our daily life

Here you can watch videos and read stories, that our amazing staff relate from their everyday life.​

We do versatile collaboration with students and different educational institutions.

Juvenes has plenty of trainee positions and practical training for both customer service and kitchen work as well as management internships. We also welcome trainees to administrative positions. The job description can be built according to the goals of the internship and also considering the student’s level and interest.​

We offer opportunities for learning on the job with apprenticeships. This is an excellent way to embrace working life and a possible long term employment.​

You can also carry out different projects and dissertations with us. Don’t hesitate to contact us and let’s figure out together which interesting subject we will move forward with.

When you want to contact us concerning collaborations with an educational institution, trainee positions or dissertations: rekrytointi@juvenes.fi