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About us

Juvenes is a nation wide restaurant and hospitality company that offers high-quality restaurant and café services, meeting, event and sauna facilities and catering. Olemme valtakunnallinen toimija. We have more than 50 restaurants and cafés in 11 locations throughout Finland. The company, which has been operating since 1959, is owned by the Tampere Student Union TREY.

Juvenes employs about 200 people. Our turnover is approximately EUR 11 million (in 2019 our turnover was EUR 23 million). More than one million meals are served in our restaurants every year (more than 3 million in 2019).

Business idea

Juvenes Oy’s business idea is to support the goals of the owner community and the services provided to them with profitable business operations.


The company’s vision is to be a restaurant and service company that is the customer’s credit partner in everyday life and celebrations. We want to provide customer-like service from person to person.

At Juvenes, decisions are made close to the customer and closely involved in everyday life.


The goals of our operations are crystallized in our values: quality, competence and responsibility.

Juvenesksen arvot
Do you need a restaurant?

Restaurants as a service to businesses
Managing Director Päivi Lindén
Phone number: 0207 600 330 0207 600 335

Customer relationships

For businesses and community customers
Sales and Customer Relationship Manager Sami Kaurto
Phone number: 0207 600 330 0207 600 334