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Bistro Elisa

Bistro Elisa


Bistro Elisa serves lunch in an uncomplicated way for the staff and guests of Elisa. It’s easy to pop in here to enjoy a delicious snack or to pick up refreshments for the day at any time of the day. Self-service checkout works 24/7

Bistro Elisa’s new premises also provide a great setting for parties and smaller coffee parties with products that are guaranteed to taste good. The staff at Saarni also takes care of all catering to the Hatanpää Manor and the summertime café and shop is run by Saarnis staff. The Juvenes party service has a Rotisseurs plate as proof of gastronomic merit and we have our own sommelier.

Bistro Elisa

Open: Mon-Fri 07.30-14.00
Lunch: Mon-Fri klo 10.30-13.00


Vuolteenkatu 2, 33100 Tampere

100% suomalainen
Sivustomme käyttää evästeitä, liittyen kolmannen osapuolen palveluihin. Lue lisää tietosuojaselosteistamme ja hyväksy evästeiden käyttö.