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Invoicing information for Juvenes Oy

Our name has changed from Juvenes-Yhtiöt Oy to Juvenes Oy on March 3rd 2019.
Juvenes-Yhtiöt continues to be our vice corporate name.

Billing address updated December 1st 2021.

Business ID: 0155602-7

E-invoice address: 003701556027
Operator: Maventa (003721291126)
Operator ID, when sending from bank network: DABAFIHH*
* In case your e-invoicing system cannot send invoices to Maventa-operator you can use this operator ID.

In case your company does not have e-invoicing, please send invoices via e-mail to scanning service. Invoices must be sent as e-mail attachments in PDF format and the attachment pages must be included in the same file with the invoice.

Address for e-mail invoices: 01556027@scan.netvisor.fi

• You can send multiple invoices in a single e-mail, as long as each invoice with its attachments are in a separate PDF-file. Each file must have a different name.
A single e-mail must not exceed 5Mb.
• PDF-files must be genuine PDF-files (PDF version 1.3 or newer).
• PDF invoices must not be locked or encrypted with a password.
• Document size must not exceed 210 x 297 mm.
• Valid characters for the attachments are common signs, a-z, A-Z, 0-9. Please do not use special characters or space when you name the attachments.

Enquiries about purchase invoices for Juvenes Oy

Phone number: 0207 600 330 0207 600 330
email: laskutus@juvenes.fi