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Restaurant One!

Restaurant One is located in the PCF building of KONE and we serve the staff and guests of KONE. Our showcase offers sweet and savoury snacks. If you visit us outside our opening hours, you can use the self service checkout.

You can start your day with our breakfast, which includes a tasty porridge, cold cuts, cheeses, fruits and bread. If you’re in a hurry, grab a sandwich or a fruit to go!

The buffet lunch of Restaurant One serves 2-3 options, one of which is always vegetarian. Everything we serve is of Juvenes guaranteed quality. Along with the main courses, the lunch includes salad, bread and beverages. We also have an option called My Plate, where our chef makes your lunch by order. You can choose between a tasty salad, hamburger meal or a meat or fish dish with sides. Juvenes will also cater your meetings with a tasty breakfasts, coffees and other meals and snacks. Company representatives can bring their guests to enjoy lunch in our cosy meeting rooms. We also cater tailored events for big or small groups, anything from snacks to festive dinner parties.


Restaurant One

Open: Mon-Fri 7.30-16.00
Breakfast: Mon-Fri 7.30-8.30
Lunch: Mon-Fri 9.30-13.30
Self service checkout: Mon-Fri 13.30-16.00

Restaurant One

Hissikatu 3, 05830 Hyvinkää

100% suomalainen

Restaurant Manager
Minna Lammi
0207 600 170

Kitchen Manager
Tero Lehti
0207 600 171

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